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Purchasing Policies

Due to the nature of order made products, once the payment is confirmed it is impossible to cancel or refund any orders. 

The promotional pictures are mere samples and the colors may vary depending on the customer’s monitor.

Due to the nature of handmade items, complete symmetry cannot be guaranteed.

Due to the nature of urethane resin, the product may change over time (discoloration, yellowing, etc.). These changes can 

be accelerated when exposed to high temperatures, direct sunlight or indoor lighting for prolong periods of time. Please 

store with caution

The certificate of authenticity, head plate and original box cannot be reissued. Please ensure safekeeping.

As a resin casted product, it is normal to have parting lines, injection gate marks, microbubbles, marbling, and small dust 

particles sealed in the resin. These occurrences are not considered as defects unless they appear on the face of the sculpt.Moreover, darker resin colors have a higher chance of having these imperfections than light resin colors. 

Fading of color or bleaching effects may occur when the resin comes in contact with chemicals (paint thinner, acetone, 

etc.). This is inevitable due to the nature of the resin, and are not considered to be defects.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to read through all precautions and contents on the sales page. We will not be responsible for any problem that might occur from not reading these contents.

Policies: Store Policies

Shipping and Delivery

Your order made BJDs are shipped from Canada by UPS.

Shipments are usually made 4 months after when pre-order period ends.

The shipping price is calculated from the address you provided in the order form,

it will be included in the quote sent to you after your order has been confirmed.

If the shipping fee fluctuates vastly during the time the dolls are being prepared, subsequent freight charges may be required.

You can check the shipping status on Devotion Doll's official Instagram or you can email us to check.

Thank you for your patience!

Policies: Shipping Policy
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