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About Devotion Doll

Devotion Doll is operated by one individual artist and two friends who also loves BJD. We started preparing for this since 2019 and can finally happily announce that we're here! Three BJD lovers came together, united their strength and started their own creation out of strong passion and love for authentic and unique dolls.

We're Canada based (all our shipments will be shipped from Canada), and our team consists of three university students who works hard to keep both creation and education in line. 

As suggested by our brand name, BJD making is our devotion and we make each and every BJD with sincerity. Thank you for your love for BJDs and for us. Peace!

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Everyone in Our Little Team

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Customer Service

Hello, my name is Tisk. I work with customer relations, a very broad idea to sum up everything I do. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions, concerns, inquiries, and etc. I do a lot of weird stuff around here, so it's probably gonna get interesting.

Fun fact: Let's just make things tidy, I am an applied animal biology university student in my fourth year starting fall 2021.




Hi y'all! I'm 6anli or Sylvester, and I'm the person who runs Devotion Doll from design, sculpting, to packing, shipping and so on. Feel free to find me on ins or by email for anything BJD related. I also have faceup slot openings from time to time. You can catch'em on DoA or ins!

Fun fact: I'm an upcoming third year biochemistry major university student as of summer 2021. 




Hi my name is Yuan (he/him/his). (YR stands for Yuan Round) I am the supervisor of the team. For example if 6anli does not reply on time you can contact me, and I will remind him to reply! Another reason why I am here is because it looks better to have at least three team members. 

Fun fact: I am also a biochemistry student, but it is my second year in university.

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