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​6Anli BJD Faceup

6Anli BJD Faceup: Welcome

Important Info

Please read before proceeding

- Hand drawn faceup can have slight unevenness or flaws
- I do not copy faceups of other artists

- I do not work on recasts
- Turnaround time could extend due to poor weather (I cannot spray sealant on rainy days)
- Referenced commission (cosplay etc.) might not be 100% alike
- I will be posting my work on social medias (i.e. instagram)

- Please have your head ready to be shipped within a week from when your commission is accepted

- If you want to have your head sent directly to me from the manufacturer, please include the predicted date of shipment in your commission form

- I post commission status on and communicate through Instagram, please let me know if you do not have instagram

- All of my services are non-refundable

Please make sure you are okay with everything stated above!

If you are okay, let’s proceed!! :D

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text

Faceup Types

Artist’s Choice - 90USD

Your choice of gender (if any), and main color scheme (warm tone like reds and oranges/cool tone like pinks and purples). 

Everything else will be done according to my aesthetics (nothing crazy will be done, i.e. no tattoos, scars, and etc. The faceup will be kept casual). I will ask for your permission to paint anything uncasual if I see certain traits very suitable to your head. 

You can list 2 features that you dislike, and I will do my best to avoid them (ex. yellow undertone, red lips, long lashes, etc.).

I will not be providing in-progress updates, but I will provide a finished look before I seal the last layer and apply gloss/fake lashes. If you are not satisfied with the faceup, I will remove the faceup for free and send it back to you clean.

Customized Work - 105USD

Your choice of gender, main color scheme (could be unusual colors like blue/green or white for albinism) and 5 specific requirements (ex. brow shape, lip color, eyeshadow color, freckles, moles, glitter, etc).

If you would like to include more than 5 requirements, each extra requirement will be 5USD more. You can also include small tattoos within your 5 requirements for no extra cost. However, large tattoos will be charged in addition to the basic price depending on its complexity.

You can also include picture references for a specific trait (ex. a picture of a certain eyeshadow style. Please do not include one photo and ask me to draw the entire faceup according to it); each picture reference will be counted as one requirement (i.e. you can complete the commission form with 2 textual description and 3 image reference for no additional cost). 

You can list 3 features that you dislike, and I will do my best to avoid them.

I will provide in-progress updates before I seal every layer. You can request changes if I did not follow your commission correctly. 

Cosplay Faceup - 120USD

Only accepted for fictional characters (preferably characters with an official portrait. It is hard to do novel characters if only descriptions are available).

For this type of faceup, there are no restrictions to how you would like to commission me. You can outline as much details as you like with as many photo reference as you like (please do try to keep it within 1000 words tho, thank you TuT). 

I will provide in-progress updates before I seal every layer. You can request changes however you’d like. 

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text


Faceup Type:

Artist’s Choice - 90USD

Customized Work - from 105USD

Cosplay Faceup - 120USD

All faceup types include one pair of free fake lashes (color: brown/black/white).

Double layer (same or two color(s)) - 5USD 

Additional Services (add-ons, not provided alone):

Previous faceup removal* - 15USD

Mouth parts - 8USD/ea.

Large tattoos - 20USD ~ 100USD according to complexity

3D lip texture - 5USD (painted with Liquitex satin gel)

3D skin texture - 8USD (painted with Liquitex satin gel, satin finish)

Double layer fake lashes - 5USD

Mask - 2USD

*If your head comes with severe faceup residues, or is a brand new head, then a mandatory 8USD cleanup fee will be applied (new heads have anti-stick mold releasing agent that will affect sealant adherence).

Other fees

Shipping fee - USA: ~15-30USD; Europe & Asia: ~40-50USD

Any potential custom clearance fees - Canada randomly tax incoming parcels, if you would like to avoid high value fees, please declare your parcel at a lower value (ex. 20USD)

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text

Commission progress & Turnaround Time

Current turnaround time:

1-2 month

Commission progress:

1. DM/email me for commission

2. If your commission is accepted, I will give you a quote for only the faceups

3. If you are in Canada, both e-transfer (CAD) and Paypal (USD) is accepted. If you are outside Canada, only Paypal (USD) will be accepted. 

4. I will provide you with a shipping address upon receiving your payment

5. Ship your head in a suitable container. I will not be responsible for any shipping damages. If you want fake lashes, also include a mask. Notify me when you have shipped the package. I will also let you know when I receive it.

6. I will provide in-progress photos or finished photos depending on your selected faceup type.

7. I will send the head and tell you the cost of shipping (I usually use UPS, please let me know if you require a different company). The tracking number will usually be emailed to you via the shipping company, but if you want, I can also provide it through DM. 

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text

Commission Form

Please include all of the following where applicable

Start of form

Instagram Username:

Shipping Information

Recipient Name:

Street Address:


Zip/Postal code:



Phone # (MUST):

E-mail (MUST):

Declared value for duty:

Yes/No insurance:

Maker of doll:

Is the head new:

Faceup Type: Artist’s Choice/Customized/Cosplay (select only one per head)
Gender wanted (if any):
Main Color scheme:
Specific requirements: 
(Fill out only if you selected customized/cosplay faceup)
Disliked features:

​Fake eyelash colour:

Additional service(s) needed: 

End of form

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text

Material Used

- MSC UV cut
- Sennelier soft pastels (120 colour paris collection)
- Kuretake gansai tambi

- Kuretake white ink 30
- Tamiya X-22 water-based gloss
- Pearl EX shimmering powder

- Liquitex acrylic mediums: satin gel

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text

Contact Info

Instagram: @6anli

6Anli BJD Faceup: Text
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